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Pakistani national dishes || Desi Dish Of Pakistan


Pakistan is the most popular country in the world due to their national dishes of food and recipes. Today I tell the Pakistani national dish .some of the national dishes names are given below as

  • samosa
  • nihari
  • chicken karahi
  • chapli kabab
  • paratha
  • chaat
  • seek kabab
  • zarda
  • Sanji
  • halwa poori

samosa ||Pakistani national dishes pakistani dishes

one of the most famous eaten Pakistani national dishes is the samosa. Although samosa eats all over the world due to its tasty taste. It looks like a golden brown and chewy texture with a diversity of separate flavours. first of all, samosa filled with different ingredients varies from vegetables to meat, such as onion, lentils, colour potatoes, peas and meat.
it is stated that popular, golden samosa proceeds to people along the old trade routes from central Asia .samosa spicy triangles are generally served hot go along with cut up onion, yoghurt or fresh homemade Pakistani chutneys knocked off a variety of constituents such as mint, coriander or tamarind.

however, not all samosas spicy, some different can carry a number of the sweet component such as pomegranate, mango, and raisins.

Pakistani national dishes || Desi Dish Of Pakistan

Pakistani national dishes || Desi Dish Of Pakistan

halwa poori || Pakistani national dishes

halwa poori is a customary Pakistani and all over the world breakfast that trademark halwa and a soft fried dough called poori.halwa is mostly made with a composition of fried semolina and sugar syrup.

Pakistani national sweet dishes are flavoured with fragrant like green cardamom pods, kewra essence, cloves and it is normally enhanced with yellow or orange and colouring for a more lively dish. poori is a soft fuzzy fried bread consisting of a dough made with flour , water , salt and oil.

this Pakistani national sweet dish is shaped into a fine , flat disk and then generally deep-fried until it puffs up. fresh and hot poori is regularly accompanied by sweet semolina halwa. halwa poori are available at any famous hotel in the morning.

sajji || Pakistani national dishes

pakistani national dishes desi pic

sajji is the most famous Pakistani national dish derived from the province of Balochistan. it embodies of steep, pick and roasted. the meat is generally steep in salt, even though it can also be merged with green papaya paste with potatoes and rice.

generally ,whole chickens are roasted over an open fire so that the burning wood pass on a smoky flavour to the meat. when meetly prepared, the should be brickle on the outside, and the buyer often squeezes lemon juice over the meat before eating.

it is advance to serve sajji with rice, naan bread and raita dip.

Pakistani national dishes || Desi Dish Of Pakistan

Pakistani national dishes || Desi Dish Of Pakistan

zarda || Pakistani national dishes

zarda is the national dish of Pakistan. it is observed a rich and merry dish, normally served on a special time , but it also makes a perfect everyday sweet, enjoyed warm , over a cup of freshening tea.

a similar pudding is also set up in the Punjabi region, where it is often mentioned to as meethe chawal.

seekh kabab
seekh kabab is a tasty national dish of Pakistan , juicy kabab diversity made with a fusion of minced meat , onion garlic , ginger , coriander, lemon juice, yogurt and garam masala. the herb used in the dish can be changed according to personal learning.

the meat composition is placed on the pin and the kabab are then roasted over hot coals giving them a nice hazy flavour in the process, although they can also be constructed in a tandoor oven. Seekh kabab is normally served to pipe hot with salads , onions , mint chutney on the side.

chaat || Pakistani national dishes

 Pakistani chaat is also a national dish of Pakistan which normally combines salty , spicy , sweet and sour flavour .the name of chaat is talked from a Hindi verb chaatna meaning to lick, perhaps referring to the finger-licking good quality of dishes.

chaat dishes are normally small, eat on their own , as a snack and join with other dishes to form a big meal.

Throughout the world, chaat can be found at chaatwallas , serving different dishes.

Pakistani national dish chaat stand is mostly especial for one or two dishes which are always made fresh. chaat dishes are very famous due to their different types: from crispy fried potatoes, Shivpuri, and pakora, to chila pancakes with chutney. Pakistani national dish chaat serves with green chutney and garlic chutney.

Pakistani national dishes || Desi Dish Of Pakistan

Pakistani national dishes || Desi Dish Of Pakistan

paratha || Pakistani national dishes

paratha is one type of Pakistani national dish. paratha is composed of boiled potatoes, cauliflower, garlic, ginger, chilli and goldish. Pakistani national dish paratha is sometimes attached by pickles, yogurt, homemade chutneys. paratha is served in the Punjab of Pakistan with lassi and a famous yogurt-based drink.

chapli kabab

chapli kabab is another type of Pakistani national dish which are very famous in the worlds due to their tasty taste. This spicy meat patty is made with a fusing of minced beef or mutton. the unique taste of Pakistani national dish chapli kabab comes from flavouring such as dried coriander and pomegranate seeds, green chillis and mint.the name of the chapli kabab is come from a Pashto word chaprikh meaning flat and but chapli kabab is frequently said to have come from in Peshawar.

Pakistani national dishes || Desi Dish Of Pakistan

Pakistani national dishes || Desi Dish Of Pakistan

chicken karahi

chicken karahi is also a Pakistani national food which is most popular in Pakistan and north India. the word karahi in its name mentions a thick and deep cooking pot similar to a wok in which the dish is prepared. Pakistani national dish chicken karahi is formed with red chilli powder, cumin,garam masala, ginger tomatoes and garlic.

when the Pakistani national dish chicken karahi is formed with mutton, the dish is known as gosht karahi. chicken karahi is comment served with rice, roti, and naan


nihari is the most popular famous Pakistani national dish meat-based dish coming from old Delhi.

when Pakistan got independence in 1947, numerous immigrants from Delhi settled in Karachi and near areas .when they accepted their own restaurants, so nihar is also attached to Pakistani food.

Pakistani national dish nihari consists of slowly cooked meat shanks, mutton and chicken .the meat is cooked at the same time with stock and a lot of herb such as cumin, cloves,garam masala. the name of the Pakistani national dish nihari comes from the Arabic word Nahar, meaning morning .nihari is served with kulcha.

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