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Pakistani Chicken korma Recipe

Pakistani Chicken korma Recipe is very famous all over the is mostly served in a special party, wedding, and entertainment. Pakistan chicken korma recipe is very rich with relish and nuts.
korma means fried very easy to make at home with tasty taste in a few minutes. Today I try my best to tell the making korma for everyday cooking.

there are following types of the korma, some of them are discussed here below

  • white korma with almond
  • green chutney chicken
  • white chicken curry with cashew nuts
  • chicken sekh kabab
Pakistani Chicken korma Recipe

Pakistani Chicken korma Recipe

white korma with almond || Pakistani chicken korma recipe

white korma is a very easy and tasty dish in which everyone can make this dish at home in a few minutes. Making white korma following ingredients need which are listed below


1 kg of chicken into small pieces

1 cup oil of almond

2/1 onion

1 ginger paste

1 ginger paste

7-8 green chilie

one teaspoon whole black pepper

1 teaspoon white cumin powder

1 teaspoon  salt

method to prepare chicken

  • Heat oil during a deep skillet or wok.
  • put onions then cook on low flames for 2-3 minutes or until onion of water dry complete.
  • Then add chicken and cook for five minutes or until no pink.
  • now put ginger garlic paste then fry for the 30s.
  • put salt, turmeric powder, whole black pepper, mace powder then nutmeg powder.
  • Keep Stirring.
  • Add yogurt and green chilies.
  • Cover it then let it cook on low flames for 16-21 minutes or until chicken is tender.
  • Stir frequently.
  • Add 1 cup of water in it.
  • take to a boil, and add cardamoms and white cumin seeds.
  • Pour kewra essence and switch off the warmth.
  • Take it to call at a serving bowl.
  • Sprinkle ginger slices over it.
  • Delicious White Korma is prepared now.

chicken korma

now this prepare for the service to home member and guest

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