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Mix Vegetable Soup

Mix Vegetable Soup Today we prepare.there is an easy way to prepare this at home in a few minutes. a healthy and attractive soup recipe made with mixed veg broth and spices for taste. the recipe is an extension to the favored veg clear soup and features a similar texture, taste, and flavor thereit’s a perfect meal starter or appetizer recipe which may even be served also as an entire meal for lunch and dinner.

Mix Vegetables Soup

Mix Vegetables Soup


  1. chicken bones two hundred and fifty grams
  2. onion one piece (Medium, square chopped )
  3. garlic three yolks
  4. tomato two-piece  ( square chopped, medium )
  5. potato one piece (square chopped, medium )
  6. peas one cup
  7. carrot two pieces
  8. chopped off cabbage one cup
  9. chopped off cabbage one cup
  10. one teaspoon
  11. pepper powder half a teaspoon
  12. pepper five tablespoons
  13. proven lemon juice four teaspoons
  14. green coriander four tablespoons
  15. bay leaf one tablespoon
  16. cloves one tablespoon
  17. water three liters

Method and preparation of Mix Vegetable Soup

  • put the chick bones in a pot of water
  • add cloves, bay leaf, and seasoned pepper
  • and boil for forty-five minutes and then strain
  • add water peas and potatoes and cook for five minutes
  • add garlic and cabbage and cook for another five minutes
  • water, salt, lemon juice, pepper powder, tomatoes mix onion, and cabbage and cook for one minute
  • put it in a pot and sprinkle with chopped green coriander

To make mixed Vegetable Soup, different vegetables and fruits are used to make it very enjoyable. various locations use different spices veggies and fruits to make this delicious.

now this prepare for the service to home member and guest

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