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Samosa dipped in chutney is perfect snack for tea time. Perfectly folded looks so yummy and
delicious that everyone must say
One more for me
Whenever I eat and make , I think about its history and origin .


Basically, the samosa was first made in Middle East and Central Asia. After that people of Africa and
South Asia also start doing experiments on this. They make it the most popular evening snack
around the world.


Usually,this is fried but sometimes it is baked too.It is filled with your desired filling and served with
your favorite chutney and sauces.This is considered as the best selling this.


Some also come in different shapes and styles. the most common shape is triangular but it is also madein Half Moon shape or cone.


In different regions,this served with different fillings.
It is the most popular  in South Asia. It is filled with boiled potatoes and other spices. The
spices include cumin seeds, coriander and green chilies.folding of this is though difficult .But it is so delicious that each and everyone love it.


In this mixture of vegetables like peas, potatoes, carrot and cabbage are mixed together giving a Good taste.This does not mean that it is healthy food. too much eating of it is harmful to health. it contains butter thus increases calories.


In these samosa, filling us made with boiled chicken beef or mutton .onions are added . flavor of green chillies and coriander make it classical.Garam masala is also added which give these different taste.
People are doing experiments with tthis and make some unique veriety of samosa.these flavors of samosas are very tasty and children and young like to eat them.
• Macroni samosa
Cheese samosa
• Pizza and Chicken tikka samosa 
• Sweet samosa


If we save, samosa is a street food then I’m not wrong. It is hot selling snack of stalls in streets and shops.Everyone like to eat it while walking or during shopping.


Usually we buy this from shops or from food stalls and enjoy a lot but wait……
You think it’s good but you must answer many questions of your mind
• Are they make in hygienic environment?
• Person making it wash hands or Not?
• Dough of samosa is fresh?
What about quality of oil in which are frying?
All about this,try making at home .they are fresh and hygienic.people think that samosa making is difficult.they are wrong .it is very easy to make this at hone.just your time management is required .you just need 20 minutes for making.


First we start with dough. Basically, dough of samosa is made from maida or all purpose flour.some
people also like to add aata (wheat).
• Maids 2 cups
• Salt a pinch
• Melted ghee
• Ajwain or carom seed
• Kneed the dough like chapati dough.
• Be careful your dough is not soft because soft dough will not make your samosa crispy.
With help of cutter,cut Samosa sheets .
You can make and freeze them easily .before use,remove them from freezer and place them at room temperature.this saves your time when you want to make this quickly.


Filling is of your own choice. it may be potatoes or chicken or the remains of chicken tikka or any other vegetables like peas or cabbage even qeema is also used.
Actual flavor come from spices added in it
• The aroma that we like most in samosa comes from gar am is very easy to make and store for long add garam masala (already prepared)to your fillings.


Once you make it ,you can use it for long time.saves your time by making it and gives your food a new taste which everyone admire.
• Coriander seeds(35 grams)
• Cumin seeds(30 grams)
• Cardamon(elaichi) 15 grams
• Cloves (2 table spoon)
• Kali Mitch(1 tablespoon)
• 2 inch 8 to 10 pieces of cinnamon (darchini)
• Dry the spices by microwaving them for one minute or roast them in pan .
• Transfer in plate.allow them to cool.
• Grind them in fine powder
Store in air tight jar.


For spicy taste of samosa,chat masala is also added along with salt,pepper and green chillies and coriander.
You can make chaat masala at hone easily.
• Coriander seeds 200 grams
• Cumin seeds 200 grams
• Whole red pepper 100 grams
• Salt up to taste
• Black salt 2 tabke spoon
• Tatri 1 tablespoon
• In a pan roast coriander seeds, cumin seeds and whole red peppers.
• Grind them in fine powder
• Add salt,tarti and black salt at end
• Store and enjoy this yummiest chat masala
You forget to buy chat masala from bazaar .
When these all ingredients are already made then this making is very easy.even you freeze the fillings of this too.


No doubt,without chutney this is not complete .you can easily make imli and green chutney at home for serving with this and other snacks.imli chutney can be refrigerated for more than 2 months.
• Soak tamrid in hot water for 29 minutes
• Remove seeds and place pulp in sauce pan
• Add cumin seeds
• Add vinegar
• Red chilli powder
• Salt
• Black pepper
• Sugar
• Stir it well until chutney become thick.
• Let it cool and place in container
• This chutney has best taste.
Folding of samosa is an art .in fact it is difficult but when you do it with step by step it is can use flour paste or egg on to rolled edges.
• Now everything us set .samosa in 20 minutes is very easy .when your guest come and you want to make not worry
• Take out samosa Patti from freeze(homemade or from shop)
• Boiled chicken or use already made fillings or some vegetables
• Serves your guests with cold drink
• Your chicken is ready.add spices available like garam masala (already prepared).you can also add some chicken tikka masala.
Filling is ready, Patti add filling ,fold it.
Put oil in you are making samosa oil become hot.fry until become golden
brown.chutneys are already prepared .serve your guest with yummy,delicious ,fresh,home made.they are very can also bake them as your choice.if you have no time you can
use ready made samosa Patti easily available at shops but homemade things are best and

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