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Food Desi which Should You Definitely Like

food Desi’s and weather traditionally don’t mix alright. Even every people struggle with the blistering wind chill, sleet and rain showers, and frosty mornings. But there are some classic  Pakistani desi food dishes that are made especially for the brutal winter.

They will offer you that feeling of heat and luxury from the purpose they reach your taste buds with food desi and every one the thanks to satisfying your hunger which needs something staple within the winter.

FOOD looks at some tasty food dishes that are bound to keep you warm throughout the cold period.

Sarson Ka Saag Food Desi

A classic Punjabi dish, Sarson ka Saag desi is formed with mustard and leafy greens. It’s a time-consuming but delectable dish that’s bound to remove any chills.

Traditionally the leaves include mustard, bathua (chenopodium), spinach, radish, and fenugreek.

These provide a flavorsome but hot and spicy taste to the saag.

It is made with copious amounts of butter and ghee and served with Makki di Roti which are flatbreads made up of maize flour.

Punjabi Ginger Curry Food Desi

Ginger desi is great for chasing away the cold. It has thermogenic properties that keep you warm while also boosting metabolism and promoting a healthy blood flow that’s necessary for warmth.

In addition, chilies are an ideal source of warmth. Chilies contain a compound called Capsaicin food desi which gives them their spiciness


Our all-time favorite breakfast is paye Food with freshly made naan or parathas. the right combination of spices makes it even more special. If you haven’t tried it already then trust me provides it with an attempt to you’ll eat them regularly.


A tarkay wali Nihari with Khamenei roti may be a perfect combination. it’d sound awkward to several people but if you’re a Nihari fan then you’ll always prefer a Nihari with maghaz (fried brain), some nicely sliced coriander leaves, ginger and fresh lemon.

Nihari Food Desi

Nihari Food Desi

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