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Pakistan food has colorful is somehow mixing with culture of India and central Asia .Pakistan was first region of Southern Asia which was made to follow rules of Islam. Pakistani literature,poetry,cuisine,festivals are famous all around the world.Literature of Pakistan begins with poetry of Iqbal.Pakistanis have good taste of food.they like spicy food as well as Desi and Chinese.Pakistanis know how to enjoy life .Beside eid Basant is best way for celebrating Bahar.All around the world,no one beat the taste of Pakistani food culture.We have huge variety of food,delicious in taste and color.

Basically ,Pakistani focus on meat as well as chicken and meat .Vegetables are part of out diet too.Met the is must .This is all our food culture.

pakistani food culture

pakistani food culture


pakistani food culture

In fact,nearly all type of foods are available in Pakistan but some dishes are at their best.


Pakistan is a country with different culture and people.Pakistani food culture is amazing.Pakistani serve dishes with tradition and also give them unique touch by twist.Biryani is famous all around Pakistan but Karachi is known for its biryani.Either you want chicken or mutton beef or aalo every taste of biryani is available on shops or even on stalls.

The people of Karachi take biryani to another level by making famous NULLI BIRYANI.NOt to forget about Mutka biryani popular in Karachi.In clay pot(marks) biryani is cooked on charcoal.the taste of this biryani is unforgettable.the aroma if coal make you crazy.just waoo!!!!


Firstly ,nehari was made in old Delhi,during Mughal is believed that is  eaten as breakfast after sunrise.

Nehari comes from an Arabic word NEHAR means MORNING

when Pakistan came into being many migrants settled from Delhi to Pakistan.they started their food business and nehari become part of Pakistani food culture.

Nihari is cooked for about 6 to 8 hours to make it is cooked on low flame.

With modern recepies,we are able to cook nehari in short time with same taste.


chapli kabab is one of the famous dish of Pakistani food culture.These are influence by Mughals.These are made with ground beef,mutton or chicken with different spices.They are speciality of KPK.

These are undoubtedly called KING OF KABAB .these kababs are high in fat.Animal fat is essential part of these kab abs which make these kabab soft and moist.the aroma of kabab is amazing.


chicken karahi is famous for its spicy taste in Pakistan food culture.

The Karahi is named for its pot in which it is cooked.

Every dhaba and restaurant has its own unique recepie of Karachi.It is served with naan or white roti.

Pakistani cuisine has variety of Karachi

  • Blackpepper karahi
  • Shanwari Karahi
  • Lahori karahi
  • Koyla Karachi

No dinner or party is complete without Karachi.


discussing about Pakistani food culture,how we forget Haleem.

Hakeem is a mixture of barley,wheat,lentils and beef or chicken.

It is recommended to cook Hakeem over night.

Haleem is an Arabic was first introduce by Arabs in Hyderabad and later it become part of subcontinent and Pakistani cuisine.

It is correct by Saiqa Asghar Ali that correct word is daleem ( daal se bun ta ha) but generally called Haleem.Karachi is famous for its Karachi Haleem.


Pakistani not only enjoy dinner or lunch ,they also like to doing their breakfast on streets with their friend and family.

Halwa puri is one of the most common Nashta you found in Pakistani food culture.

The Purus are made from maids with crispy layers .After making puri,put in hot oil or desi ghee making soft and crispy.

Puris are served with halwa usually cooked in Desi ghee.halwa is made from semolina.

With puri and halwa,chana curry is also served.Oh my goodness!!!hot puri with spicy curry and sweet halwa you just licjlk your fingers and can’t stop you by eating more.


WIth hal wapuri,a beverage lassi is also served.either sweet or methi lassi or salted or namkeem enjoy lassi in breakfast or lunch anytime you want.



Paya is main dish of Pakistani food culture,served on different occasion and parties.

Pa ya means legs in Urdu.the main ingredients is hoof if beef or goat or buffalo cooked with different spices.

This dish has some variation sometimes it is cooked with siri means head of animal.

Lahore is famous for its Phaja k PAYE


It’s a challenge,when you see how sajji made you can’t control yourself to taste it.

Chicken sajji with rice is best part of Pakistani food culture.

Sajji is cooking on charcoal,so juicy,served in clay plate (Thali),full of flavor and spices,the best food of Pakistan.


I Never eat any dish more tasty than brain masala.

Green Onion,red chilli powder,tomato sauce ,butter and of coarse brain are including making it tasty and yummy.


katakat is signature dish of pakistani food is make in hot iron plate, made with goat kidneys,hearts,chops .


When we discuss Pakistani food culture it is wrong if we don’t add dudh patti in this list.

Nowadays,it is popular to enjoy dodh putting at tea stalls (dhaba)

If we give dudh patti tiltle of national food of Pakistan then we r not wrong.each sip of dudh patti is satisfactory.


There are many other foods famous in Pakistan like

  • Bunkabab
  • Par at ha
  • Chicken tikka
  • Behari bot I


  1. in every food, we add ginger,garlic and tumeric.these spices not only add flavor but also help in treating diseases like flu,gas,diarrhea
  2. Roti,Pakistan staple food is a perfect nourishing meal.
  3. Rice,essential part of our food provide rich in proteins
  4. Main part of our diet,

Vegetables contain high level of antioxidant,vitamin and minerals.



Although,Pakistani culture has variety if healthy food but some foods are unhealthy too

  • Nihari and paya full of oils is not good
  • Sweetness of gulab jaman is badly effect your health
  • French fries is our love
  • Bunkabab is our life
  • Without brainmasala,how we enjoy

Remember enjoy food but in limits

Eat healthy keep healthy

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