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Desi Village Food in pakistan

Their introduction.

A village life, means a life in which you’ll know everybody around you. you might be a part of their disappointment and happiness. Pakistani village life is the conventional life of individuals in Pakistan. Homes are normally made from mud or clay. They reside an easy life.  

DESI VILLAGE FOOD with passing time

Most of the villagers are farmers or rely upon reside stocking, which us vital a part of Pakistani home merchandise.

As time passes, the life fashion of villagers changes,as an alternative of the hand pump, motors and tube nicely are used for irrigation. The homes now have the facility of gasoline and electrical energy. Though many adjustments cone in villager’s life however one factor which at all times stay unchanged is their hospitality, their kindness and love in the direction of friends and of coarse their Desi village meals.

Kitchen of village

in villages, there isn’t any correct kitchen. normally handi is made on the range, normally comprised of wooden or clay in an open space (sahan or waira )

Garlic and ginger are crushed in picket mortar with pestle.

No board for reducing like cities.clay pot is normally used for cooking.

The poor village girls nonetheless rely upon picket burning Range for meal preparation and heat.

Regardless of all these factors, nobody can beat the style of Desi village food

Desi Village Food in pakistan

Desi Village Food in pakistan

Listed here are some conventional Desi village meals

  1. SAAG

Whereas speaking about Desi village meals, saag comes at primary. Saab means mustard green

Alongside mustard inexperienced, different elements like mint, coriander, inexperienced chillies are additionally cooked in clay pot normally for about 6 to eight hours or overnight time. after grinding swag, Tarka of Desi ghee is completed which gives it scrumptious style and aroma.

Saad is thinking about as wholesome meals and infrequently served with Makki ki roti.


Sarson ka saag is incomplete without Makki ki roti, one of the vital sizzling favourite dish in Desi village meals.

Makki ki roti is comprised of maize flour, ghee, milk, salt and purple pepper.

Knead dough like chapatti dough, however, making Makki roti isn’t a simple job however village girls are knowledgeable in making it.

Desi Village Food in pakistan

Desi Village Food in pakistan


chap means meat churro means stew

It’s the primary Desi village food in northern villages of Pakistani particularly Gilgit Baltistan.

The dish may be very easy. some onions and pepper, could also be some greens. after cooking it’s served in bowl .small items of roti are dipped in the bowl and luxuriate in with a spoon.

This dish is extremely beneficial for its totally different and scrumptious style. Consuming chapshurro is so passable in the chilly season. It is cooked on a giant convex metal plate.


the identity of the dish may be very distinctive. Amazingly it’s a thick creamy soup make in villages .this soup is filled with wheat Noddles. If we ask this soup Desi village soup then we’re not mistaken.

This soup is a conventional village dish of villages positioned in Hunza.greatest for travellers, conserving them heat and energetic in chilly ambiance.


Desi village meals in not full without Gur walla chawal.these shawls are cooked in each home of the village throughout festivals or eid or another event like marriages.

  • In a cooking pot, Desi ghee is added with inexperienced cardamom
  • Add gur and water till jaggery soften
Desi Village Food in pakistan

Desi Village Food in pakistan

You simply click your fingers by consuming this conventional Desi village food


Punjeeri is a stapled meal from Punjab area of Pakistan.

It’s thought-about as dietary supple in Desi village meals. the elements embody

  • Desi ghee
  • Dry fruits
  • Wheat flour
  • Sugar

Punjeeri is normally eaten in winter to maintain heat and power the physique.


THE routine of villagers us very robust. they stand up early in the morning and do the correct breakfast. Their breakfast normally encompasses paratha with Dahi or lassi or dudh Patti.

There are a number of parathas in villages

  • Aalo paratha
  • Mooli par at ha
  • Gobbi par at ha

Villagers additionally take pleasure in a paratha with hand-crafted pickles or yogurt.

Paratha is a mixture of two phrases parat means layer and aata means wheat.

In villages, desi ghee is utilized on paratha making them tasty and wholesome.


lassi is should in Desi village meals. It’s a common conventional drink make from Dani, both namkeen or methi lassi.

In villages, lassi is made in makhani means lassi maker. Butter is separated and protect, to eat with roti.

With lassi, villagers beat warmth if summertime .it’s actually a wholesome and energetic drink of Desi village meals.

Desi Village Food in pakistan

Desi Village Food in pakistan


pickles are rooted in Desi village food.villagers make a number of achars .the pickle is protecting and used all year long.

The masala utilized in a pickle is made at a residence in villages .it takes many days as reducing uncooked mangoes, dry them .add turmeric, salt and different spices .sarson ka taal means mustard oil is added in a pickle for seasoning.

Achars are very yummy. normally these pickles are saved in a clay pot referred to as Martaban, coated with fabric name mulmul.

Villagers eat pickles with a par at ha in breakfast or take pleasure in their roti with achar in their fields.

there are following types of Some generally make achars are

  • Mango pickle
  • Hari Mirch or inexperienced chilli pickle
  • Combined greens pickle
  • Chana pickle


black gram, urad deal, kali deal, mash KO deal are extraordinarily stuffed with diet. villagers eat wholesome meals so these all lentils are a part of Desi village food.

The flavour of daals is superior and different from cities as they’re cooked in a clay pot and on low flame.furthermore, Tarka of Desi ghee and zebra make it’s classical. you possibly can’t cease your self by consuming all these Desi village meals.

10…ccThe new favourite dish of Desi village food is chana chawal’s favourite dish of youngsters in the village.

Chana chawal is normally served with Dahi or zeera raita. the style of this pulao is delicious.spices take this pulao to a different stage.

Every time you go to the village should attempt their chana pulao.

Desi Village Food in pakistan

Desi Village Food in pakistan

That is all about our Desi village food tradition. many different tasty dishes are additionally cooked dinner in villages like Karahi, desi murgh, Zarda and so on

All desi village are thought-about as wholesome and energetic.



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