12 Desi Dishes That Define Best Pakistani Food

Best Pakistani Food: Pakistan is a country with many races and ethnic groups. It has a mix of fancy clothes, dance, music, comedy, culture and of course food. best Pakistani food culture is different, everywhere it has its own competition for the same dish. And at the same time completely different dishes.

Food as a religion in Pakistan, places are open until 03, where you can get everything you want. Every city in Pakistan has its own food for which they are famous. In fact, even parts of the city are famous for their unique dishes. Not only in the cities but also in the villages there is a food culture.

Best Pakistani Food is so deep to explain. I think I can write all the 300 pages about it and it still will not do the right thing. In this short article, I will do my best to write about the best Pakistani food culture.

Let us first start with the food culture on the outskirts of Pakistan.

Best Pakistani Food

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Awesome Pakistani Food City Wise

There are many cities in Pakistan but I want to talk about the biggest culture. I want to learn about the food chain in Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, and Quetta. These are the famous cities of every state in Pakistan and I will immediately tell you what Best Pakistani Food they all have.

Karachi Best Pakistani food City

Starting from Karachi. It is fair to say that Karachi has some of the best food in all of Pakistan. Wherever you are, you can find your national dish here, but with traces in Karachi. Karachites are known to eat more food than their Pakistanis. The people of Karachi like to add their alcohol in every kitchen. Whether it is Italian, French, American, or African, you will find some virgins in it in Karachi. Although some people say they make a difference in real food, they do it so well that you do not complain.

Best Pakistani Food recipes are like a culture surrounded by street food, gourmet food, and food.

Karachi is exposed to some food, I will list them so you can get to know the Best Pakistani Food.

Biryani is something Karachi is famous for and it is something loved by all Pakistanis. It is important to Pakistani cuisine and no family is complete without it. Whether it’s chicken, beef, or mutton biryani, everyone loves it. Biryani is an integral part of Pakistani culture.

Karachi Best Pakistani Food city

Karachi Best  Pakistani food City
Karachi Best  Pakistani food City

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Nihari is another dish mostly made in Karachi and man makes it right. It is an 18th-century bowl known as the Mughal bowl; because it was called famous by the Mughals. Nihari means eaten for breakfast but also eaten daily.


Haleem is one of the favorite foodies in Pakistani for its simplicity. These are grilled meats, meats, and spices that are mixed together to form a thick liquid. Haleem makes great food and easy to eat. Topped with ginger, lemon juice, cilantro, caramelized onions, and chat masala, the dish satisfies the taste too.


Plenty to eat. This is the time for the king of street food. Bun Kebab is something every Pakistani loves. it is  so cheap and delicious you can order 3 to 4 of them.this is bamboo with kebab and eggs. It’s simple and but very tasty.

Chaat / samosas / ruller

Chaat / samosas / sandwiches are the best food on the go. They are usually eaten with Chai, but people also eat them alone, especially after a good shopping tour.

Lahore Best Pakistani Food city

When it comes to food and Pakistan, of course, you have to talk about Lahore. Lahore is the most famous Pakistani food producer. While each city has its own specialty, Lahore was totally in awe of the food it had.

Lahore also shares the same culture with street food, gourmet, and carry food.

Lahore’s street food is known for its lassi and Gol Gappay. Although on the way Lahore also has all the food that Karachi has. Lassi and Gol Gappay are Lahore’s street food specialists and man, man, they make it delicious.

This is what Lahore does best.

Lahore Pakistani food culture city

Lahore Best Pakistani Food city
Lahore Best Pakistani Food city

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Paye is the first thing to think of when you think of Lahore. It is kind of their national dish as it is the most commonly eaten dish. Paye is something that is dear to every Lahoris heart. It is gluttonous and delicious and is good to eat hot.

Murgh Cholay

Murgh cholay is a dish made with chicken and meat. This meat can be mutton, lamb, chicken, or beef. It’s the whole protein problem that can definitely make someone fall in love with Lahore.

Gol Gappay || Best Pakistani Recipe

Gol Gappay or Pani Puri is known in Karachi. Children and adults have always loved this special drug for good reason. It was just flour with chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro. You then soak it in water and eat it. It still tastes better than it sounds and you must try it if you have been to Lahore.

Lassi || Best Pakistani Food Dish

Lassi is a milkshake that often replaces soda at parties, family gatherings, and weddings. It’s sweet and even has a little extra mango flavor if you like. Lassi is the main drink in Lahore, and if you don’t drink lassi you haven’t come to Lahore.

Quetta || Best Pakistani Food Recipe

Hum Quetta from the Pathan-e humara ha sher khan hai movie … Sorry, I’m a little bit out. Back to the main topic of products that are cultural food. Quetta has its own specialty, which is different from other Pakistani dishes.

Sajji ||Good Pakistani Food

Sajji is a chicken rotisserie made from charcoal, it is dry but very tasty. He’s always there when there’s a family reunion or bloody gathering.

Khaddi Kebab is an underground food in a hole. The goat or lamb is placed underground, topped with a layer of hot coals, and cooked for 12 hours. You have to order a day ago to enjoy it with your sons.

Peshawar Best Pakistani Food city

Peshawar is known for a number of facts that Pathans was best able to do. Since I am a jerk myself, I can guarantee everything. Be it chai or chapli kabab, it is best that Patan does them.This city is a place where you will find good food that will not drive your ulcer.


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Chapli Kabab || Best Pakistani Food

Chapli kabab is a ground beef pie that is made with spices and then baked in beef fat to taste great. In Peshawar, no dawat is complete without a few Chapli Kababs.

Karahi || Best Pakistani Food

The famous Afghan karahi or any karahi in this matter is a basic element of every household in Pakistan but especially in Peshawar. It is made with black pepper in Peshawar and can be found in chicken, beef, and lamb. The meat is tender and the curry is delicious, according toPakistani food culture

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