Hareem Shah leaked Video Call With Sheikh Rasheed – Watch Now!

Hareem Shah leaked

Hareem Shah leaked Her Video Call With Sheikh Rasheed: Indeed, even in power, it appears, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is never excessively far away from scandals.

Just this time, the spotlight isn’t on the ex-cricket saint’s celebrated love life, his refusal that he fathered Sita White’s little girl or his ex’s tell-all journal – however on one of his pastors.

An unstable new video including TikTok star Hareem Shah is said to show Sheik Rasheed Ahmad, Imran’s railroads serve, being blamed for lecherous conduct.

Shah has freely affirmed that the recording is bona fide, and says a companion of hers spilled it.

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In the video, a lady – who isn’t in the casing – can be heard talking the accompanying lines during an up close and personal call with a man: “Aap nanga hoke mujhe dikhaate the. Video pe galat-galat kism ki hartakein karte the. [You used to get stripped and show me. You did unseemly things on camera].”

Towards the end, the man seems to slice the call – to much beguilement on the opposite side.

Take a look below