The fast pot is your best weapon if you want to make flan without the possibility of mistakes. We explain the technique.
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Flan: For a few days we have avoided sweets and desserts and with them the almost magnetic inertia that leads us towards them while we work from home. It is as if they called us from the fridge with a kind of siren song that will not kill us, but (added to that the yoga classes on YouTube are not exactly a half marathon) they can hit us with some scare the day we leave pajamas and put our jeans back on. If the time has come to be tempted, what better way to prepare it at home, with good quality ingredients and letting the speed cooker do almost all the work.

The quick pot serves to make a perfect flan| Flan

The tradition of flan orders low-temperature ovens, long cookings, extreme care … but there is the unjustly reviled fast pot to demonstrate that we can pass all that ceremonial through the lining and achieve equal or better results in much less time and without the possibility of error. That you do not believe it? Try and then tell me.

You hit four eggs with four tablespoons of sugar, and add half a liter of milk while stirring. Put another two tablespoons of sugar in the fire in a saucepan with the same amount of water, until it turns light brown. You pour this caramel in a custard mold that fits in the fast pot, and pour the egg, milk and sugar mixture on top. You put a palm of water in the bottom of the pot and put the mold in it. Cover the mold with aluminum foil, close the pot and cook four minutes after the steam begins to come out (or raise the valve). You let it temper a little, unmold and serve.

What if I don’t have a speed cooker?

You can always prepare it with the traditional method: the oven at 160 degrees, a sturdy tray with two centimeters of water and the flan – also covered with aluminum foil – in individual flannels, it will take about 30 minutes to be ready. If it is a large flanera, the cooking time can be doubled: it will be ready when, when punctured near the center with a wooden toothpick, it comes out clean.

Can I tune it?

Of course, in addition to vanilla – better the seeds of a pod scraped with a knife and mixed with the milk; If you are out of budget and you have it in essence, make it as natural as possible – you can add a tablespoon of instant coffee (or one and a half, depending on the power you are looking for) and optionally another of brandy. If you have some remains of nougat.chop them well and add them. keeping in mind that they will bring sweetness. if you put 80 g of nougat, take 40 of sugar from the original recipe. Grated coconut -you can change part of the milk for cream from fruit, yogurt, chocolate and fresh cheese with or without lemon as well

What do I serve it with?

Although the flan alone is already glory, its natural companion through the ages is cream, and to get it right all you need is a real whipped cream (please, not that monster that comes out of a spray). You can also have a great amount of fresh red fruit cut or chopped, plus a red fruit or peach coulis. Nostalgia for the 70s or 80s? Plant half a peach in syrup, cream, ice cream with a couple of flavors and you will have slacks that can almost serve you for dinner (single dish).